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14 August 2023

Posted in Tertiary Education, Western Australia

Pilbara Kimberley University Centres Graduation Celebration 10 August 2023

The Pilbara Kimberley University Centres held a graduation for their 19 students who completed their degrees this year. The students graduated in a variety of fields, including nursing, heath care, engineering, project management, asset maintenance and teaching.

Susan Grylls, the Chief Executive Officer of PKUC, said the following about the night:

"The PKUC Team held our 2023 graduation in Karratha last night. It was awesome! The Regional Education Commissioner attended the graduation and our community were incredibly impressed by her genuine engagement and interest in out community.  She spoke so well and went out of her way to engage with key stakeholders and students.  Amma from the RUC Network also attended and it was a privilege to have the opportunity to show her arrange the Karratha campus and introduce her also to stakeholders and students.  We had several sponsors fly up from Perth which also was really lovely."

A PKUC Graduate also expressed their gratitude towards the centre and talked about their graduation.

 "It was wonderful to celebrate with a fantastic supportive team. You all worked so hard to much it so special, and I really appreciate it. ... Having somewhere to come and focus was invaluable, especially in the last six months. I will be spreading the word far and wide of how amazing you all are."

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