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16 November 2023

Posted in Tertiary Education, Government, Regional and Remote

'A Regional Study Hub to Call Home' - IPAA Podcast Episode

"I was understood, and I was made to feel that I wasn't alone."

Libby Beattie and CUC Far West Student Olivia Sice join the Public Sector Unearthed podcast to discuss the stories that are involved with Regional University Study Hubs.

The episode description states,

"Hearing from the program delivery point of view, we talk to Libby Beattie, assistant director in the higher education division at the Department of Education. Libby, driven by her own experiences growing up in a regional area, passionately discusses her role in the Regional University Study Hubs project. She also talks about how the program is revolutionising education accessibility in remote areas of Australia.

Olivia Sice is currently doing a masters degree in health service management from Griffith University, which she's pursuing at the broken Hill hub. Olivia shares her personal journey and the sense of community she's found in his unique educational environment.

Listen in as Libby and Olivia highlight the APS Reform's emphasis on placing people at the heart of policy and services, showcasing the direct impact of public servants on community development. Gain insights into the challenges and triumphs of higher education in Australia's remote regions, and discover the passion and dedication driving this transformative initiative.

This episode's Unearthed wisdom: Equal access to resources and community support empowers individuals from remote areas to pursue higher education and positively impact their communities."

Use the video player below if you would like to listen to the episode.

If you'd like to view the Spotify link, click here.

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