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10 July 2023

Posted in Regional and Remote, Government, New South Wales, Study Tour, Community

Successful CUC Far West Study Tour

CUC Far West Study Tour - 2nd May to the 4th May 2023

The CUC Far West Study Tour aimed to explore the partnership between CUC Far West and Macquarie University, focusing on their community-led approach to expanding access to higher education. The tour involved over 40 participants from various universities, government agencies, and Regional University Centres. Its primary objectives were to observe the significant influence of CUC Far West on the community and gain insights into their strategies for increasing educational opportunities in regional and remote areas.

The CUC Far West Study Tour provided an immersive and unique experience for all participants. We had the privilege of witnessing firsthand the collaboration between CUC Far West and Macquarie University. Throughout the tour, participants gained valuable knowledge about the innovative methods employed by CUC Far West to engage with the local community and promote higher education.

The study tour effectively demonstrated the success of community-led strategies in regional and remote areas. Through interactive sessions and site visits, we witnessed the positive impact of CUC Far West in granting access to higher education for individuals who would otherwise face significant obstacles. The tour allowed us to comprehend the importance of tailoring educational initiatives to address the specific needs and aspirations of the community.

If you'd like to know more about the tour, click here.

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